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Blog: My journey through blue remembered hills

Andy from our upcoming production of Blue Remembered Hills reflects on the power of the Dennis Potter classic.

"Childhood is the adult world writ large”, poignant words from the legendary Dennis Potter. Words that perfectly capture the essence of his acclaimed play 'Blue Remembered Hills', a show I am delighted to be part of, which New Stagers are bringing to the stage this month.

Fresh from my stint in this year’s panto, BRH was an opportunity to take on a different kind of role. While there are fewer beanstalks, the show is no less captivating.

Taking place on a summer afternoon during World War II, BRH promises to transport you to a world where innocence reigns and we adults get to play children.

Yes, you read that right; adults playing children! I’m just one of seven such adults unleashing our inner child on stage. At work or in life, I'd be yelled at for being this childish. But in this show, I am encouraged and indulged. It is immensely fun.

But BRH is more than just imitating aeroplanes. It's a genuinely moving and relatable play. It's not complicated or long, clocking in at just over 60 minutes, it does a lot to move an audience in a very short time.

We have a cracking cast and a brilliant director who have all been excellent. The show will be sure to be something special and an emotional ride.

‘Blue Remembered Hills’ runs at The Colour House Theatre from 26-29 July. Find out more and get your tickets.


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