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Blue Remembered Hills

Wednesday 26th July - Saturday 29th July


Blue Remembered Hills, a play by Dennis Potter from 1979, is a deceptively simple tale that relates the activities of seven English children, played by adults, on a summer afternoon during World War II. In the woods, a field, and a barn, they play, fight, fantasize, and swagger. Their aggressions, fears, hostilities, and rivalries are a microcosm of adult interaction.

Content warning: Some anachronistic xenophobic language  


The Colour House Theatre

Merton Abbey Mills

Watermill Way

London SW19 2RD

Performance dates: 

Wednesday 26 July at 7:30PM

Thursday 27 July at 7:30PM

Friday 28 July at 7:30PM

Saturday 29 July at 7:30PM

Directed by Alice Collins

Willie: Andy Kirkbride
Peter: Sam Pilkington
John: Joe Waterfield
Raymond: Sean Gallagher Gill
Donald: Jon Davis
Angela: Zoe Spencer
Audrey: Lydia Lewis


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