Upcoming auditions

The Changeling by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley.  Directed by Ian Pring.  Audition, Sunday 15th March, 7.30pm.
(Show dates: to be announced)

Lust, murder, blackmail, horror and madness reign in this tragicomedy by two contemporaries of Shakespeare - Thomas Middleton and William Rowley.




  • Vermandero*, governor of the castle of Alicante, father to Beatrice

  • Beatrice-Joanna, daughter to Vermandero

  • Diaphanta, her waiting-woman

  • Tomazo de Piracquo*, a noble lord

  • Alonzo de Piracquo, Tomazo's brother, suitor to Beatrice

  • Alsemero, a nobleman, suitor to Beatrice

  • Jasperino*, Alsemero's friend

  • De Flores*, servant to Vermandero


  • Alibius, a jealous doctor

  • Lollio*, Alibius' waiting man

  • Isabella, wife to Alibius

  • Franciscus, the counterfeit madman

  • Antonio, the counterfeit fool

  • Pedro, Antonio's friend

* Can be played by any gender

More information about auditions

For every show we hold open auditions which are advertised on this site, and we regularly cast newcomers.  (You don’t need to separately audition first just to become a member, unlike some amdram groups).

Auditions are perhaps the most important part of a director’s work. To give yourself the best chance of being cast, it’s a good idea to do some preparation for auditions, but you don’t have to learn the lines! We try and cast the shows on the day of the auditions, and casting is inevitably accompanied by a trip to the pub to celebrate or commiserate.


Auditions are normally held three to four months before the show is due to be performed, giving plenty of time to get familiar with the script before rehearsals start.


If you do get cast, we would then ask that you join as a member. This gives you access to members’ benefits. Subs are £60 p/a (contribution if unwaged), payable £5 monthly by standing order. You start paying from the next due month after you join (unless you accept a role in a show immediately on joining – in this case, the monthly amount is payable before your first rehearsal).