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Scene unseen

Scene Unseen    

Produced by Kate Bromage, Joanna Dodd & Colin Sheehan

'Scene Unseen' is back at the Wandsworth Arts Fringe with another selection of fantastic original short plays, all written, directed and performed by the award-winning amateur theatre group, New Stagers.

What started as a platform for local writers to showcase their talents has grown to become one of the most popular regular events in the Fringe's annual calendar.


Eight years of original writing has produced an amazing catalogue of shows, with themes ranging from the awkward morning after and chats with a houseplant, right through to reflections on the modern female experience.

This year will be no different, with shows to make you laugh and think in equal measure.




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08 - 09 Jun 2024

The Arces @ St Mary's

This year's new shows:

  • 15 Minutes to Solve a Murder by Veronica Montalbetti

  • Diet Culture by Kate Bromage

  • Is this the return of the Orpington Ocelot? by Molly Rose

  • The Midnight Train by Lisa Shaw, directed by Luke O'Reilly

  • The Play About the Pebble by Ashley Malster 




The Arches @ St Mary's Church

High Street, Putney, SW15 1SN

Performance dates: 

Saturday, 08 Jun - 16:00 

Saturday, 08 Jun - 18:30

Sunday, 09 Jun - 14:00 

Sunday, 09 Jun - 16:30

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