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Memory's a funny thing...

A thank you from everyone at New Stagers for helping make 'The Memory of Water' such a huge success.

"Memory's a funny thing. What you remember and what you don't," muses Teresa in "The Memory of Water." What we're all sure of here at New Stagers, is that the memories of our production of Shelagh Stephenson's poignant play, funny or otherwise, will stay with all of us.

To everyone who joined us on this journey through family, loss, and the passage of time, a heartfelt thank you! Your support means the world to us.

Director Orna Joseph beautifully captures the essence of the production: "Thank you to everyone who came to see this magnificent show. It was such a joy to share the hard work and talent of this cast and crew with you. This was a bit of a passion project for me: revisiting the first play I ever directed and being able to mark the death of my own mother 18 years ago with subtle references to her throughout the production. I'm so pleased it was received so well. Again, a big thank you to my fabulous cast for making this play so special."

We couldn't agree more, Orna!

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share "The Memory of Water" with you. Thank you for making it such a success!

For those who missed this captivating production, or want to learn more about the play, you can visit the New Stagers website:


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