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'Dogs ran away from her in the street'

We caught up with some of the cast of 'The Memory of Water' to get an insider's view of the play.

A show described as 'angry, desperate, poignant and wildly funny' demands a lot from the cast. How have they handled such an exacting script? We caught up with the cast of 'The Memory of Water' to get a first-hand account of their experiences with the play.

Fergus, who portrays Mike, loves the challenge of participating in a play where the audience is just an arm's length away. "It's quite tricky to look beyond," he admits, "but it's a fun and different challenge, something I haven't done before." But does he have anything in common with his character - Mary's married lover? "Well, I've annoyed a few girlfriends so that side of it felt vaguely familiar honestly."

Chiara plays Vi, the deceased mother at the heart of the play. "Vi is at once marginal and central to the play. Her moments on stage are far and few, however, her presence is felt throughout the story. I hope to have done justice to the challenge of sustaining the energy levels when off stage, and of making every single line count. Favourite line?! "I wanted to dance! Usually in what Teresa called inappropriate places, like the garden." I love Vi’s fighting spirit, and how her dance is her refuge and joy. For the record, the garden is a perfectly appropriate place for dancing. In fact, anywhere is!

Ciara, who plays Catherine, has to tackle one of the most daunting issues to face any actor. Accents! Despite having to swap her Irish accent for an English one, Ciara has found an unexpected personal connection with her character. "There are elements of Catherine that really resonate with me. Having a view in my teenage years that life was against me and I was desperately misunderstood - despite having a fantastic family, wonderful friends and no real worries. Myself and Catherine shared that self-centred nature (which I am hoping I have matured out of!)"

New Stagers stalwart Veronica plays Teresa, whose no-nonsense approach is no mask for the emotional rollercoaster she goes through. "It's been fun to act, but also challenging to navigate. Hopefully, I do her justice and the audience will enjoy watching her spiral out of control." Favourite line? "she dyed her hair was a disaster, dogs ran away from her in the street."

From the challenges of performing in a unique space to the personal connections forged with the characters, these cast members offer a glimpse into the dedication and passion behind the show. Now... the only thing left to do is come see it live!


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