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Scene Unseen: Auditions this April

Auditions for SceneUnseen will take place on Sunday 30 April from 2pm to 4pm at St Anne's Hall.

SceneUnseen is a selection of short, original plays written by members of the group and performed as part of the Wandsworth Fringe. We've got five great plays this year, covering everything from AI to the royal family and now we need you to bring them to life!

If you're thinking of auditioning please make sure you can make the dates below. If you'd like to take part but can't make the audition date, please also let us know as it might be possible to include you. Audition pieces won't be circulated in advance - we'll use short extracts from the plays on the day.

Key dates

Rehearsal 1: Wed 24 May 8pm to 10pm

Rehearsal 2: Bank Holiday Mon 29 May 2pm to 6pm

Rehearsal 3: Wed 31 May 8pm to 10pm

Rehearsal 4: Sun 4 June 4pm to 8pm

Full Run: Wed 7 June 8pm to 10pm

Performance weekend: 10 and 11 June (you'll need to be free all day both days)

Best wishes

Kate, Col and Jo

SceneUnseen Producers


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