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‘Happy to Help’ wins NODA Flame Award

New Stagers are delighted to announce that our recent production of ‘Happy to Help’ has been honoured with a National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA) Flame Award.

The Flame Award, which was presented at this week’s NODA London Festival, was presented ‘in recognition of an incredible piece of drama that reflected the times we live in perfectly. A study of greed and the corrupting influence of power, which was delivered well and gave everyone cause to think.’

Flame Awards are presented for ‘inspirational contribution to the Pursuit of Excellence in theatre.

The show, a dark comedy about slow-burning revenge, ‘progress’ and its consequences, was written by Michael Ross and performed by New Stagers in July 2017.

On receiving the Award, director, Orna Joseph said ‘I’m so proud of the cast and crew on Happy to Help. It was a pretty big undertaking that clearly paid off with very pleased audiences and now this! It was particularly exciting to have the playwright Michael Ross attend with some of the original cast, who all loved it.’

Simon Truscott, who played the part of Elliot in the production, highlighted that the show ‘was a challenge’ but a ‘pleasure to be part of!’


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