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Awards 2017

And next on the red carpet, we have… all of the winners from the 2017 New Stagers Awards!

Best Producer: Sharron Stubbs, Happy to Help

Best Stage Management: The 39 Steps

Best Technical: The 39 Steps

Best Costume: Vanessa Marchant & Paul Johnson, Crazy Christmas

Best Set: Paul Johnson, House Guest

Most Memorable Character: Colin Sheehan, Bouncers

Best Supporting Actress: Ailsa Wright, Happy to Help

Best Supporting Actor: Paul Johnson, The 39 Steps

Best Actor: Dominic Alan-Smith, The 39 Steps

Best Actress: Hayley Richardson, Happy to Help

Best Director: Veronica Montalbetti, Bouncers

Best Short Play: Kate Bromage, The Wedding Table

Best Play: The 39 Steps

These awards were the result of nominations and votes by the whole group.


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