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Awards 2019

Congratulations to the winners of the New Stagers Awards 2019!

Best Technical Design: Still Life

Best Costume Design: Hay Fever

Best Set Design: Hay Fever & Rapunzel

Best Creative Design: Vanessa Marchant, Tonight at 8.30

Best Producer: Colin Sheehan, Kate Bromage, Joanna Dodd, Scene Unseen

Best Stage Management: Janna Chapman, Tonight at 8.30

Most Memorable Character: Joanna Dodd, Mother Gothel in Rapunzel

Best Supporting Actress: Veronica Montalbetti, Jackie Croyton in Hay Fever

Best Supporting Actor: Richard Williams, Richard Gretham in Hay Fever

Best Actor: Colin Sheehan, George Pepper in Red Pepperes

Best Actress: Vanessa Marchant, Judith Bliss in Hay Fever

Best Director: Orna Joseph, Hay Fever

Best Short Play: Katie Bryan, The Miserables

Best Play: Hay Fever

Special Recognition: Fi Makujina, Rob Walford, Colin Sheehan

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