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The thrill of show week... & being a lady killer!

Written by Colin Sheehan, who plays Louis in New Stagers production of 'The Ladykillers' by Graham Linehan.

It's opening night. I've missed my cue. The others are staring. I'm suddenly in my underwear. Stagelights burn into my soul. The audience has abandoned me. I'm on my knees on an empty stage... my phone aggressively announces a new email. It's... it's the NODA review...

The inevitable nerves that come with show week manifest in many different ways. For me, I can't help but question why I put myself through this every damn time! What's my line again? Am I standing in the right place? Where did I put my make-up brush? Ultimately, it's why we do it right? It's the nerves that make it exciting, or at least that's what I have to tell myself.

We've been rehearsing 'The Ladykillers' since August and what was sold to us as a challenging play, turned out to be just that. A fast-paced script, a dastardly plot, physical comedy galore, multiple deaths and lots of old ladies... Certainly, plenty to be nervous about, and they all came to a head at the weekend for dress rehearsal.

But as the last member of the cast to take to the stage, I got to feel some of those nerves ebb away. I got to hear the audience lap up every word. I got to hear the laughter that accompanied every witty retort. I got to feel the energy that came with the slapstick. And finally, I got to step onto the stage knowing that I was in the safe hands of my fantastic castmates.

So if you're looking for a laugh this week, be sure to head to Wandsworth... after all, you'll be in the safe hands of the ladykillers!

The Ladykillers runs from 25-28 October at St Anne's Church Hall in Wandsworth. Find out more about 'The Ladykillers'.


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