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OMG! MND tickets selling out faster than you can say 'Peaseblossom'

Spill the tea, babes! Word on the street is our production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' is creating a right buzz... And you know what, it sure is! So much so, that Friday and Saturday's performances are now SOLD OUT!

Spare yourself the FOMO - there are still a few tickets left for the remaining performances, but they're flying faster than Puck with a magic flower! ‍♂️

To get your date night sorted, head over to the website and snag your tickets before it's too late!

Performance dates: 

  • Wednesday, 10 Jul - 19:45 

  • Thursday, 11 Jul - 19:45

  • Friday, 12 Jul - 19:45 (SOLD OUT)

  • Saturday, 13 Jul - 19:45 (SOLD OUT)

Find out all about the show on the Midsummer Night's Dream webpage.


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