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Book Club auditions: Sunday 20th November

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Book Club is a gentle British comedy that started life as a short play performed at the Wandsworth Fringe in 2019. Following a very positive audience reaction, the script has now been turned into a full-length play, which will be performed at The Bread and Roses pub theatre from Tuesday 28th February to Saturday 4th March 2023.

Auditions will take place on Sunday 20th November at St Ann's Hall in Wandsworth. Read more below about the roles available and how to get involved.

Play synopsis

Grab your wine, nibbles and notebooks and get ready to join Linda and her fellow “book clubbers” as they attempt to dissect the literary classics, over the course of 12 months. This gentle comedy explores the idiosyncrasies of a group of random acquaintances brought together (through Linda’s heavy persuasion) by their love (or mild interest) of books.

As we move through different meetings, each covering an array of classic novels, free flowing wine, endless crisps and small pockets of insight into each character’s life, we’re left with the question: can this motley group of strangers actually become friends? And what exactly is a cheese puff?

How to audition

Auditions will be taking place on Sunday 20th November, from 2pm to 4pm at:

St. Anne's Church Hall

182 St Ann's Hill


SW18 2RS (the hall is adjacent to the church).

To prepare, please take a look at the character list above, have a look at the relevant audition materials and check you are free to attend all the rehearsals. You can also check out our auditions page for more information about our auditions and what happens if you are cast.


Linda, F 40s – 50s

Founder and self-appointed chair of the book club. A snobbish control freak with an inflated sense of self, especially regarding her own intellect. Despite outward appearances she is actually extremely insecure and relies heavily on her husband, Bob.

Bob, M 40s – 50s

Linda’s long-suffering husband. A quiet man with the patience of a saint, he also happens to be a bit of a whizz in the kitchen.

Susan, F 30s – 50s

Linda’s shy neighbour. A gentle introvert who is enthusiastic about books. She lives with her beloved dog Winnie.

Gemma, F 30s – 40s

Friendly, sociable and loud. A little rough around the edges, although much smarter than she appears. Her son, Dylan, attends the same school as Linda’s daughter, Jennifer.

James, M 30s

An overworked teacher. He is amiable, enthusiastic and extremely earnest. New to the area, he is keen to embed himself in the local community.

We are also seeking people to help run tech desk (lights and sound) and to stage manage. If anyone would like to take up either of these roles, or other production roles, please contact

Audition pieces

Key dates

December rehearsals: This will be a series of informal cast readthroughs to become familiar with the character and script (dates TBC)

Official rehearsal period: From Tuesday 4th January. Every Tuesday at 7.30 - 9.30pm and every Sunday at 1.00 - 4.00pm. At St Mary's Church, Putney.

Dress and Tech: On Tuesday 28th February from 12.00 at the Bread and Roses Theatre. Cast and crew will need to be free during the day.

Performances: Froma 6pm (for 7.30pm performance time) on:

Tuesday 28th February

Wednesday 1st March

Thursday 2nd March

Friday 3rd March

Saturday 4th March


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