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Auditions for The Changeling, June 19th!

Image from New Stager's performance of Macbeth, Wimbledon New Theatre Studio, 2015

We bring you very exciting news! On Sunday 19th June we will be holding auditions for our October production of The Changeling.

This show is a fast-paced, perverse tragicomedy by one of the greatest contemporaries of Shakespeare – the main author, Thomas Middleton, wrote part of Macbeth, including the witches’ scenes. Farcical comedy is interwoven with melodramatic and bizarre portrayals of the limits of human evil. The play would be performed with some male parts switched to female, and the setting updated to an unnamed militaristic totalitarian country prior to a major war. Every single part is a gem! We will be auditioning the following pieces:

  • Act 1 Scene 1 - entirety (Alsemero, Beatrice, Jasperino, Vermandero, Deflores, Diaphanta)

  • Act 1 Scene 2 - from ALIBIUS: Lollio, I must trust thee with a secret, to LOLLIO: Nay, y’are too forward there, Tony (Alibius, Lollio, Antonio)

  • Act 2 Scene 1 - from TOMAZO: Alonzo, to the end of the scene (Tomazo and Alonzo)

  • Act 3 Scene 2 - from ISABELLA: Nay sirrah, to LOLLIO: And you are amongst ‘em (Isabella, Lollio, Antonio)

  • Act 4 Scene 1 - from BEATRICE: This fellow hath undone me endlessly, to DIAPHANTA: ……I scorn small fools (Beatrice and Diaphanta)

List of roles IN THE COURT

Vermandero – M, 50+, Beatrice’s father; authoritarian and domineering

Tomazo – M/F, 30s, brother/sister to Alonzo

Alonzo – M, 30s, Beatrice’s fiancé

Alsemero – M, 30s, suitor to Beatrice; naïve and self-righteous

Jasperino – M/F, 30s, his friend; in love with Diaphanta

Beatrice – F, 25+; selfish, single-minded, deadly when crossed

Diaphanta – F, 20+, sensual and fun-loving

De Flores – M, 30+, mentally and facially scarred, amoral and murderous, in love with Beatrice


Antonio – M, 30s, in love with Isabella; quirky and eccentric

Pedro – M/F, 30+, his friend

Alibius – M, 40+, owner of the asylum; jealous and possessive

Lollio – M/F, 30+, keeper of the asylum; has designs of his/her own on Isabella

Isabella – F, 20+, Alibius’s wife; feisty and unhappily married

Audition Details

  • Date: Sunday 19th June

  • Time: 6pm - 8pm

  • Venue: St Anne's Church Hall, 182 St Anne's Hill, London SW18 2RS

You don’t need to be an expert in this language to audition, but it would certainly help you if you read the play and the audition pieces beforehand! The audition pieces cover most of the principal roles, but there are some parts not in the audition pieces.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact director Ian.


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