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Auditions - A Study in Fear

We are delighted to announce that auditions for our October show, 'A Study in Fear' take place on Sunday 7 July 6.30pm at St Anne's Hall.

What's it about?

The audience of ‘A Study in Fear’ will be immersed in a modern day lecture on the paranormal. As part of the lecture, they will be transported to a time when Ghost investigations were headline news. They’ll meet professor Ben Hainning and spend the evening with him as he tries to find evidence of the paranormal in the infamous ‘Bradshaw house’.

Inspired by The Woman in Black, Ghost Stories and Blithe Spirit, ‘A Study in Fear’, hopes to expose why we love a good a ghost story and use it to create a wonderfully scary theatrical experience.

Who can I play?

The following are some guidelines as to the cast and the required ages.

Presenter 1 - Male/Female, any age

Presenter 2 - Male/Female, any age

Professor Hainning (ghost investigator) - Male, 20-30

Professor Hainning (ghost investigator) - Male, 50+

Henrietta (Radio presenter) - Female, any age

Mrs Bradshaw - Female, 40+

Maggie (Removal lady)/Barbara (Receptionist) - Female, any age

Sam (Attic clearer) - Male, Older than Lucy

Lucy (Attic clearer) - Female, Younger than Sam

The ages of the characters are a guide but the auditions will determine a person’s suitability for the role.

We will also be looking to fill a number of crew positions including lighting/sound desk; lighting/sound designers; set build/construction coordinator; stage dressing/ props; costume etc. This is a very technical play with multiple set changes, special effects and projection so will require a very competent backstage crew. Stage management and Sound operatives will be required very early in the rehearsal process and will be an integral part of the success of this production.

Important Dates

To audition for 'A Study In Fear' you must be available for following dates:

Show week - 23 to 26 October

Technical and dress rehearsals - Sat 19, Sun 20 October - ALL DAY

Rehearsals - Tuesdays 8.15pm to 10.15pm; Sunday 4pm to 8pm. Starting Sunday 28 July through to show week (must be able to attend 90%)


St Anne's Church Hall, St. Ann’s Crescent, Wandsworth, London SW18 2RS


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