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A trip down memory lane – Di and Viv and Rose Cast Blog

Cast Member Orna Joseph gives us her view on being part of our forthcoming show Di and Viv and Rose

I think we’re all feeling it – a nostalgic remembrance of those ‘care-free’ years when we were at Uni, the friends, the antics, the boyfriends, the outlook that we have a whole life ahead of us. DAVAR is certainly proving to be a trip down memory lane for all of us. At the moment we’re busy finding scary pics of ourselves from the 80s and 90s for the programme and to mainly share on What’s App for fun – which interestingly has completely taken over from cast/crew emails… something my 80s self would have found mind-blowing.

It’s a techie, prop/costume heavy show – and is stretching my little brain quite substantially at the moment. However, the ability to be deeply delving into the mechanics of acting/staging this show at this point without major worries about lines has been a complete relief for me personally. I don’t want to rub it in too much (‘yes I do!’, she says with her director’s hat on) but what a difference getting the scripts down early has made – well done Marky (director extraordinaire) for making sure that we did that. We hope Mark isn’t feeling too stressed by all these feisty women under his direction at the moment!

We have a set, which is fab and is doing a good job of reminding us of student digs we’ve lived in. I think Ailsa or someone said they wished their’s had looked that good. We have a crew, who are great and twice the size of the cast! And we can’t wait to share Di, Vi and Rose’s world with you.


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