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July 2015

Running time: 120 mins

The Heiress

"The Heiress" is a powerful drama about sexual politics, class and money in 1840s America, a society about to be torn apart by civil war.

Catherine is a plain but highly eligible heiress, courtesy of the fortune she stands to inherit from her father.

Catherine falls for the charm of smooth-talking suitor Morris. But her father won't allow a marriage, fearing Morris is a low-class gold-digger. The scene is set for a battle of wills between father and daughter.


St Anne's Hall, Wandsworth


Joanna Dodd - Catherine Sloper
Dominic Alan-Smith - Morris Townsend
David St Clare Nelson - Dr  Austin Sloper
Orna Joseph - Lavinia Penniman
Julia Coleman - Elizabeth Almond
Laura Parsons - Marian Almond
Amanda Clarke - Mrs Montgomery
Colin Sheehan - Arthur Townsend
Lucinda Lane - Maria


Patricia Driver - Director
Emma Burley, Veronica Montalbetti - Assistant Directors
Sharron Stubbs - Producer
Christina Myers - Stage Manager
Mark Stannett - Lighting Design & Operator
Richard Allport - Sound Operator
Emma Burley - Prompt
Katie Bryan - Front of House

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