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Ladykillers: Auditions this Sunday

Come and join us this Sunday evening to audition for Ladykillers, the classic black comedy and New Stagers' autumn performance.

Date: Sunday 25th June

Time: 8PM to 10PM

Location: St. Anne's Church Hall

The Play

The Ladykillers is a classic black comedy. Mrs Wilberforce, a sweet little old lady, rents out a room in her lopsided house to Marcus, a professor of music. She is blissfully unaware that he is actually a maniacal criminal who is putting together against a gang of misfits who will stop at nothing to commit the heist of their careers. Unable to think of a suitable final stage to their plan, Marcus decides to involve Mrs. Wilberforce, unwittingly, as the perfect getaway ruse. However, at the final stage, Mrs Wilberforce becomes wise to their deception and the gang realize that there is only one way to keep the old lady quiet. As the gang is killed off one-by-one in their attempts to murder the old lady, Marcus faces Mrs. Wilberforce alone and seals his own grizzly fate.

The Characters

There are a total of eight roles available:

  • Mrs Wilberforce (Mrs W): F, 70’s, widowed. Sweet and eccentric, she lives alone in her lopsided house with only her parrot for company. Has a strong moral compass and an overactive imagination

  • Marcus: M, 50’s. A master criminal masquerading as a musician. Charming yet sinister, prides himself on his artistic flair and intelligence.

  • Major Courtney: M, 50’s. An experienced con man, scares easily and is a smooth talker

  • Harry: M, 20-30’s, A wheeler dealer with a cockney accent, cheeky chappy who loves a five finger discount

  • One Round (OR): M, 30-50. An ex boxer who is huge in stature, has taken one too many punches to the head. A man of few words.. And thoughts, has a softer side

  • Louis: M, age not specified. Romanian Hostile and suspicious of everyone, has a penchant for violence, and hates old Ladies

  • Constable Macdonald (Const.): M, Any age. A patient policeman who often listens to the many conspiracy theories of Mrs wilberforce. Played by same actor as Mrs T

  • Mrs Tromleyton (Mrs T): F, 70’s, An old lady who is in the same loose society as Mrs Wilberforce, played by the same actor as Const

NOTE: Women can audition for the male parts and play the roles as men. Mrs T and Const. will be played by one person, and can be played by either male or female

Anyone auditioning doesnt need to be the actual age of the characters - we can age them up or down.

Audition materials

To help you prepare audition pieces are now available and can be found here:

Thinking of auditioning?

If you are thinking of auditioning, please take the following key dates into consideration.

Rehearsal schedule:

Tuesday evenings (8.15 - 10.15pm) and Sunday afternoon (4 - 8pm) starting Tuesday 1st August

Light hanging: Fri 20th October

Tech: Sat 21st October

Dress: Sun 22nd October

Derig: Sun 29th October

Performance Dates

Wed 25th October, 7.30pm

Thurs 26th October, 7.30pm

Fri 27th October, 7.30pm

Sat 28th October, 7.30pm

Production Team

The are some great opportunities to get involved in this production as we are looking for a team who can play a part in bringing the production to life. We have specific roles but any help in any way is welcome!


Lighting Designer

Lighting Operator

Sound Designer

Sound Operator

Costume Designer/Assistant

Set Designer

Please email Mollie if you are interested in helping in any way.We look forward to seeing you at the auditions!

New Stagers Committee


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