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Audition: The Memory of Water

Updated: Jan 30

Auditions take place on 10 December at 19:45

Role up, role up! Fancy a role in our upcoming production of the award-winning comedy 'The Memory of Water'? Well, grab a towel, because auditions take place on 10 December!

So, what's the show about? 'The Memory of Water' is a modern classic about three sisters coming home to bury their mother. The story is as much about the sisters as it is telling the story of their vibrant and complicated mother. There is a lot of laughter and a few tears to be had and at the end, everyone has changed, for better or worse.

Audition details:

  • Date: Sunday, 10 December

  • Time: 7.45 pm

  • Location: St Anne’s Church Hall, St Ann’s Crescent, Wandsworth, SW18 2RS

Show details:


By Shelagh Stephenson

  • Three sisters gather for their mother's funeral. Each has her memories of her childhood and this creates conflict, which is, by turns, angry, desperate, poignant and wildly funny. The situation is deepened by the recurring presence of Vi, the mum, a ghostly vision is flowing taffeta.


  • Vi: Mother (whose funeral they have gathered for). Was a glamorous woman when younger, which all the men in the village were enamoured with.

  • Mary: Middle sister, having an affair with Mike, a married doctor. She had a child when she was 14 which she gave up.

  • Teresa: Eldest sister, unhappy housewife, runs a health food supplement company with her husband, Frank.

  • Catherine: Youngest sister, only sister without a partner.

  • Mike: Doctor, in a 5-year relationship with Mary.

  • Frank: Teresa’s husband.

Key dates:

  • Looking to audition? Be sure to check out the key dates below:

  • Rehearsals:

    • Tuesday evenings 20.15-22.15

    • Sundays 16.00-20.00

    • Rehearsals start Tuesday, 30th Jan 2024

    • Set builds: proposed – 17 February; 2 March - to be confirmed

    • Light hanging: Friday evening – 19 April

    • Tech rehearsal: Saturday (all day) - 20 April

    • Dress rehearsal: (all day) - 21 April

    • Performances: 24-27 April 2024

    • De-rig: Sunday, 28 April


  • There are plenty of exciting opportunities to get involved with the production side of the show, and to work with the cast during the rehearsal run:

    • Set builders

    • Sound designer/ operator

    • Lighting designer/ operator

    • Sound operator

    • Costume designer

    • Front of House Manager

Contact us if you are interested in getting involved in any of the roles described above.


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