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AmDram: Is it for me?

The root of the word amateur means doing something you love, and what most amateur drama productions have in common is evidence of that passion in those who take part. Although amdram may have an image problem for some (visions of ladies of a certain age, playing ladies of a somewhat younger age, in dubious venues and stories of rampant egos, fragile personalities and tantrums), millions of perfectly normal (well, sort of) people take part in amateur productions right across the UK. And these people (us, really!) love what they do.

We’ve all got other interests and/or jobs, but for all of us this is a major creative outlet and a source of inspiration, as well as a way of meeting like-minded people. At New Stagers we pride ourselves on the breadth and adventurousness of our output, and in the way we strive to bring new members into the fold. We want to be a big enough group to be able to put on a good show, but small enough so we all know each other. We try not to fall into the trap of pretending we’re professionals – but we always make sure we do a professional job and we think that at our best – like a lot of amateur companies – we can reach that standard.

What any new member can expect is a warm welcome into a group of people who are dedicated to what we do. Why not join us today to find out more?


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