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26 -29 October 2017

Running time: 100 mins

Gethin has just finished his film course and reckons he’s the next Scorsese. His mum is on at him to do her friend’s wedding video – before the couple get divorced. But Gethin is interested in a much more daring project – one that will get him into dangerously deep water, question his idealism and turn his life and that of his family upside down.

Perve is an irreverent and unsettling play that interrogates paranoia, ambiguity and innocence in our highly sexualised world.


St Anne's Hall


Gethin – Lloyd Smith
Nick – Pat Dee
Lorraine – Orna Joseph
Sarah – Matilda Childs
Taylor’s Mum – Christine Pierson
Layla – Stephanie Kendrick
Authority – Joanna Dodd


Director – Mark Stannett
Assistant Director – Sian Ashworth
Producer – Sharron Stubbs

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