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1 8 - 27 January 2019

Running time: 120 mins

Mr and Mrs Nutterson’s new baby is called Rapunzel, after the flower which Mrs Nutterson ate during her pregnancy. Their evil neighbour Mother Gothel knows that the flower holds the secret of eternal youth! Mother Gothel realises that Rapunzel has inherited this power, demands to take the baby, and locks her away in a tower. Years later, a Prince helps Rapunzel to escape. But can they both avoid the clutches of Mother Gothel and her devious daughters? (Spoiler alert: Yes, they can).

"It's behind you!"


St Anne's Hall


Rapunzel – Janna Chapman
Prince – James Castleden
Mrs Nutterson – Keith Barnes
Mr Nutterson – Paul Johnson
The Doctor – Jon Davis
Mother Gothel – Jo Dodd
Moth – Abby Freeman
Goth – Hayley Richardson
Storyteller – Sara Curnock Cook
Bun – Christina Ashton
Foxie – Sarah Brice
Bear – Emma Marsh​


Director – Paul Johnson
Assistant Director – Keith Barnes
Stage Manager – Catherine Fox-Kirk
Lighting – Ailsa Wright
Sound – Olly Jones
Costume – Olivia Gecseg
Show Assistant – Fi Makujina

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