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22 - 15 July 2015

Running time: 140 mins

When three witches accost Macbeth on his way from a famous victory in battle, and issue a prophecy that he will be King of Scotland, they put into action a train of horrific and bloody events.  Goaded by his wife, Macbeth kills the current King and takes his place.  His desire to hang on to his unsteady crown lead him to ever more barbaric murders, confident that the witches have declared him invincible…

Macbeth was performed at the New Wimbledon Theatre Studio, Weds 22 – Sat 25 July 2015.

Macbeth and Banquo, fresh from victory in battle, are met by three ‘weird sisters’, witches who greet him with the prediction that he shall be King. Banquo is told he will be the father of kings, but not be king himself.  Immediately after the witches vanish, Macbeth is deeply disturbed, wondering if the witches mean him good or ill.

When she learns of Macbeth’s encounter with the witches, Lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth to murder King Duncan within their own walls that very night. Macbeth does so, but is tortured by the deed, and immediately comes under suspicion from Banquo, Duncan’s two sons, and Macduff, the Thane of Fife.  When Duncan’s sons flee the country, Macbeth is made King, but his paranoia and insecurity immediately lead him to arrange the murder of Banquo and his young son Fleance. But Fleance escapes, and Banquo’s ghost appears to Macbeth at a celebration feast that same night.

On the verge of madness, Macbeth visits the witches, who trick him into believing he is invincible. He has Macduff’s wife and children savagely slaughtered, and retreats to a stronghold, deserted by all save a few fanatics and his now insane wife.   As the witches’ deception is revealed, Macbeth desperately hangs on to power and faces his enemy Macduff, confident of victory, only to find that a malevolent fate has one last terrible surprise in store…

NODA Reviews

Shakespeare’s darkest tragedy, Macbeth is without doubt one of the most important plays in English culture and this was an amazing production of it. A tiny dark studio setting made you feel like you were in a cave and meant you were really toe to toe with the action, intensity and dark power which was delivered by some exceptional performers at the top of their game.

The play represents a real challenge for amateur groups, but New Stagers are not daunted by challenge and delivered a memorable performance with all the cast working together to deliver this iconic supernatural masterpiece to excellent effect.”


St Anne's Hall


Macbeth – Stephen Beard
Lady Macbeth – Cat Fox-Kirk
Macduff – Benjamin Hooper
Duncan – David Amos
Malcolm – Odne Stenseth
Donalbain – Alex McCall
Banquo – Mark Stannett
First Witch – Beky Peake
Second Witch – Dana Acharya
Third Witch – Jade Ollerenshaw
Ross – Joanna Dodd
Lenox – Sian Ashworth
Hecate – Kian Pitman
The Apparitions – Abigail Coleman


Director – Ian Pring
Assistant Director – Christina Myers
Producer – Stephanie Kendrick
Production Design: Mark Stannett/Julia Coleman/Sara Curnock Cook

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