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29 Oct - 1 Nov 2014

Running time: 80 mins

Have a Good Week Till Next Week!

Have a Good Week Till Next Week tells the story of what happens when two wrestlers who are involved in a ring feud become enemies for real when one becomes involved with the other's wife. The show is set against the backdrop of the bizarre world of British wrestling in the 70s and 80s, which attracted over 10 million viewers until ITV cancelled it in 1988.

1975. Every Saturday afternoon, 10 million people tune in to ITV to watch the wrestling. Its stars, including Giant Haystacks, Mick McManus and Kendo Nagasaki, are household names. The papers say the matches are all fixed; the public don’t seem to care.

Mixing fictional characters with well-known contemporary figures from the world of wrestling, “Have a Good Week Till Next Week” is a gritty but affectionate and nostalgic look (think “The Damned Utd” meets “The Wrestler”) at an age when men in leotards grunted, groaned and threw each other out of the ring at venues like Huddersfield Town Hall, into the laps of screaming grannies armed with hatpins and knitting needles.

A triumph in both creating as well as directing. NODA


St Anne's Hall, Wandsworth

Ian Pring

Nick Naylor - Eamonn O'Reilly
Ronnie King - Dominic Alan-Smith
Dave Sinclair - Stephen Beard
Kent Walton - Paul Johnson
Various M - Ben Ellis, Gregor Stolz, Colin Sheehan

Lorraine King - Catriona Lawrie
Denise Naylor - Beky Peake
Mary Naylor - Sara Curnock Cook
Eileen - Amanda Clarke
Caroline - Stephanie Kendrick
Various F - Laura Jane Parsons, Kate Bromage, Lucinda Lane



Director - Ian Pring
Production Design - Richard Allport
Producer - Christina Myers
Tech Desk - Veronica Montalbetti, Joanna Dodd
Stage Manager - Katie Bryan

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