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24 -28 October 2017

Running time: 90 mins

Our October play is Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen, Adapted by Richard Eyre, directed by Ian Pring


Oswald, a young artist, returns to his home from Paris, carrying a hidden and deadly disease. His mother is opening an orphanage in memory of her late husband, a pillar of the community whose perversions were kept from public view. But the orphanage is uninsured and one of the builders is careless with matches…

Increasingly desperate, Oswald asks his mother to help him die when the time comes.

Ibsen’s play sparked moral outrage when it was first performed, and over 100 years later remains a visceral portrayal of the diseased side of the human condition.


The Colour House Theatre


Mrs Alving - Vanessa Marchant
Regina - Harriet White
Manders - Colin Sheehan
Engstrand - Paul Johnson
Oswald - Stephen Beard


Ian Pring - Director

Kate Bromage – Producer

Murray Sayers – Stage Manager

Debby Thomas – Tech desk

Katie Jenkins – Props & costume

Lauren Fassam – Prompt

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