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16 - 19 2016

Running time: 60 mins

Follow Me is a dramatisation of the final moments of the beautiful party girl, Ruth Ellis, famed for the cold, unrepented murder of her lover… and for being the last woman in Britain to be hanged.

She was executed by Britain’s Chief Executioner, Albert Pierrepoint, feted for dispatching over two-hundred Nazi war criminals. Pierrepoint became the acknowledged leader in his field and was unwaveringly engaged to “take care” of his country’s most notorious killers.

Follow Me takes us into the worlds of the hanged and the hangman in the moments leading to Ellis’ execution.


Explaining her motives yet showing no remorse, she draws us into the mindset of one driven to commit the ultimate crime. Pierrepoint, the ultimate professional, but one who increasingly feels the moral pressure and growing public distaste for capital punishment and now plagued by doubts about the value of his life’s work and the craft he has mastered, explains the mechanisms, both physical and psychological, of being a pub landlord by night and a public executioner by day.


The Bread & Roses, Clapham


Ruth – Ann  Schutte
Albert – Ian Pring


Director – Stephen Beard
Assistant Director – Kate Bromage
Costume – Sarah Curnock Cook
Lighting – Mark Stannett & Ailsa Wright
Publicity – Colin Sheehan
Design – Alan Barrett

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