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27 - 30 April 2016

Running time: 120 mins

Aged eighteen, three women join forces at university. Life is fun. Living is intense. Together they are unassailable. This play is a funny and thoughtful exploration of friendship’s impact on life, and life’s impact on friendship. This is a story of female friendship that is neither sentimental, nor nostalgic. It just feels real.

Review NODA

A nice but powerful three handed play exploring relationships formed at University which proved the bedrock for the rest of their lives for three very different women. Well observed and well written. This gave three very accomplished actresses the chance to explore both their considerable talents and make it relevant to us all.


St Anne's Hall


Di – Rachel O’Reilly
Viv – Ailsa Wright
Rose – Orna Joseph


Director – Mark Stannett
Producer – Sharron Stubbs
Prompt - Fiona Makujina
Stage Manager - Christina Myers
Lighting Design – Catherine Fox-Kirk
Technical Desk Operators - Catherine Fox-Kirk, Lloyd Smith
Costume Manager - Sara Curnock-Cook
Costume Assistant - Julia Bromage

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