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20 -29 January 2017

Running time: 120 mins

When Mrs White and her family arrive at the Hideaway Hotel on Christmas Eve, they are expecting a relaxing seasonal break. But they find only nervous and frightened hotel staff, and a scary and elusive creature which appears to be on the loose in the hotel.

When the family then discovers that Father Christmas and his elves have transferred their toy workshop from the North Pole to the hotel’s boiler room, and that some of the elves have downed tools and are refusing to work, the scene is set for a Crazy Christmas holiday…

The show is a wild, fast-moving Christmas-themed Pantomime comedy.

The New Stagers January panto is always popular with adults and children alike.  We’ve even won awards!


St Anne's Hall


Madame Moonlight - Emma Jamieson

Avery - Eamonn O’Reilly

Juan - Paul Johnson

Mary-Ann Bright - Sharron Stubbs

Mrs Brenda White - Mark Stannett

Arthur White - Dan Hale Bolingbroke

Christine White - Joanna Dodd

Father Christmas - Jon Davis

Elf 48 - Julia Bromage

Elf 13 - Abby Freeman

Elf 7 - Christina Myers

Elf 66 - Stacey Fanner

Elf 99 - Ailsa Wright

The Beast - Murray Sayers


Director - Paul Johnson

Stage Manager - Pat Dee

Sound - Cat Fox-Kirk

Lights - Becca Stafford

Costume Co-ordinator - Vanessa Marchant

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