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4 - 7 November 2016

Running time: 120 mins

Shakers Cocktail Bar is the place to be! Nicky, Adele, Carol and Mel – your long-suffering waitresses – invite you to pull up a table and order a drink whilst you meet the customers, from girls on a night out, lads on the pull and everything in-between.

Then head down to the Mr Cinders where Lucky Eric, Judd, Les and Ralph invite you to step inside the club and meet a host of characters that come out to to party on a Saturday night. From giggly girls, a smooth talking DJ and a group of likely lads they are all under the watchful eye of the Bouncers.

Both plays are fast-paced comedies with all actors playing a variety of roles.


St Anne's Hall, Wandsworth


Mel: Cat Fox-Kirk
Carol: Becca Stafford
Adele: Christine Peirson
Nicky: Kian Pitman


Eric: Eamonn O’Reilly
Judd: Colin Sheehan
Ralph: Ben Hooper
Les: Dominic Cross


Directors: Veronica Montalbetti & Orna Joseph
Assistant Director: Dominic Alan-Smith
Producer: Christina Myers

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