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January 2015

Running time: 180 mins

Treasure Island

When sailor Billy Bones staggers into the Benbow Inn with a treasure map and a final message, young Jim Hawkins, his Mother and friends are swept up into a whirlwind journey to find the lost treasure of Captain Flint. But the dreaded pirates have overheard their plan, and devise their own plot to get the treasure for themselves.

There follows a frantic race for the treasure, complicated by the fact that island castaway Ben Bones has already found it and dug it up, and has moved it to a secret location, rendering the map useless.

This new version of the beloved Treasure Island story will be the New Stagers Pantomime show for January 2015.

Fun for kids and adults alike; expect excitement, jokes, songs, audience participation and of course a parrot....


St Anne's Hall, Wandsworth


Jim Hawkins - Cat Fox-Kirk
Mrs Hawkins - Keith Barnes
Captain Smollett - Marc Chittock
Bosun Arrows - Emma Burley
Madame Trelawney - Ailsa Wright
Dr Livesey - Siän Ashworth
Captain Long John Saliva - Dominic Cross
Pirate Spit - Becca Stafford
Pirate Dribble - Christine Peirson
Pirate Quigley - Laura Jane Parsons
Billy Bones/Ben Bones - Paul Johnson


Director - Paul Johnson
Assistant Director - Keith Barnes
Producer - Beky Peake
Lights - Stephanie Kendrick
Sound - Dominic Alan-Smith
Stage Manager - Christina Myers
FoH Manager - Katie Bryan

"This was an excellent family panto in the traditional style with a strong cast and an audience that totally bought into the concept and entered fully into the spirit of the evening. Hilarious and well worked throughout with some excellent asides that the audience loved. A young boy really got into things and ended up being a real part of the show, even getting up on stage to add a nice touch of audience participation. I also liked the way the cast got the audience playing swaying palm trees and performing animal noises to make it a really fun experience for all." Tony Sweeney, NODA

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