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27 -30 July 2016

Running time: 120 mins

Join us this summer for a contemporary interpretation of the classic thriller, House Guest, from master storyteller Francis Durbridge, now in its 35th year.

Robert and Stella learn that their son has been kidnapped – not for ransom, but to force them to allow one of the kidnappers to stay in their house. Two other men, supposedly police officers, arrive and reveal that one of the kidnappers has been murdered. Soon, however, it is clear that these two are far from what they seem.

A highly exciting thriller which will keep you guessing until the curtain falls!


St Anne's Hall


Vivien Norwood - Sally McMahon
Jane Mercer - Andrea Graf
Stella Drury - Catherine Fox-Kirk
Robert Drury - Dan Hale Bolingbroke
Crozier - Paul Johnson
Inspector Burford - Dave Kelly
Sergeant Clayton - Lloyd Smith
Dorothy Medway - Laura Chisholm
Philip Henderson - Blake Raleigh Bondon


Director - Dominic Alan-Smith
Producer -Christina Myers
Prompt -Fiona Makujina
Stage Managers - Christine Peirson, Lucinda Lane
Lighting Design -Catherine Fox-Kirk
Publicity Design -Vanessa Marchant

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