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24 - 27 July 2019

Running time: 100 mins

"I wanted a nice restful weekend, with moments of Sandy's ingenuous affection to warm the cockles of my heart when I felt in the mood, and now the house is going to be full of discord - not enough food, everyone fighting for the bath - perfect agony! I wish I were dead"

Meet the Bliss family an eccentric group who, whilst hosting a weekend away for friends spend the entire time rowing rather than entertaining (or are they?) Over the top and theatrical in their actions, the Bliss family delight in winding each other up and provoking a dramatic reaction from each other. As the weekend wears on their outlandish and self-centred behaviour eventually drives their guests away

"The audience was treated to some first-class acting and an enjoyable overall performance" NODA Review.


St Anne's Hall


Judith – Ness Marchant
David – Ian Pring
Simon – Mat Greenfield
Sorel – Evie Smyth
Myra – Hayley Richardson
Jackie – Veronica Montalbetti
Sandy – Will Mills
Clara – Sharron Stubbs
Richard – Richard Williams



Director - Orna Joseph

Producers – Alice Collins, Sarah Brice
Prompt – Fiona Makujina
Lights – Sarah Brice
Sound – Luke O’Reilly
Stage Manager – Alice Collins, Sharron Stubbs

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