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26 -29 July 2017

Running time: 90 mins

Our July play will be Happy to Help by Michael Ross – a dark comedy about slow burning revenge and a supermarket.

A destitute farmer sells his land to a global supermarket chain that drove him out of business. 15 years later and the supermarket stands on that same spot. It is run by the highly capable, verging on unhinged, manager, Vicky. The store has a busy week ahead of them – the UK managing director Tony is coming to work undercover at the store and Vicky has plans for him. It becomes clear he’s not the only one she has plans for as the play unfolds. She’s on a mission and no one is going to get in her way.


Happy to Help is an acerbic comedy about ‘progress’ and its consequences.

Playwright, Michael Ross and part of the original cast highly praised the production after attending the final performance of this nearly sold out run. It also won the NODA Flame Award 2018, Central London, for excellence in theatre.


St Anne's Hall


Vicki  - Hayley Richardson
Tony – Brian Carroll
Myra – Ailsa Wright
Huck – Ian Pring
Josh – Luke O’Reilly
Elliot – Simon Truscott


Director – Orna Joseph
Producer – Sharron Stubbs

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