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21st-23rd & 28th-30th January, 2022


The New Stagers Pantomime 2022


Dame Daphne Doughnut finds a young orphan who she names ‘Goody Two-Shoes’ after the girl is gifted a pair of shoes by a mysterious stranger. The villainous Demon King hears about the shoes, and, believing them to have magical powers, decides to steal the shoes for himself.


Will the villain succeed? Will kindness and goodness triumph over evil? Will the villain see the error of his ways? Will the moral of the story be obscured amongst the man-sized chickens, mischievous badgers, and the thrill of the chase?  Find out in January, as GOODY TWO-SHOES takes to the stage!


St. Anne’s Church Hall, St. Ann’s Crescent, Wandsworth, London SW18 2RS  on:

Friday, 21st January at 19.30                         

Saturday, 22nd January  at 14.30 and 19.30    

Sunday, 23rd January at 14.30    

Friday, 28th January at 19.30                        

Saturday, 29th January at 14.30 and 19.30    

Sunday, 30th January at 14.30


Keith Barnes - Dame Daphne Doughnut

Octavia Fearns - Goody Two-Shoes

Joanna Dodd - The Shoe Fairy

Emma Marsh - Little Boy Blue

Olly Jones - Croissant

Molly Rose - Baguette

Rob Walford - The Demon King

Janna Chapman - Demonette

James Phillips - Jack

Beth Smith - Jill

Paul Johnson - The Old Woman Who Lives in A Shoe

Maddie Lukes - The Mystical Chicken



Jimmy Long - Stage Manager

Nat Chateauneuf - Lighting Desk

Liz Ashford - Sound Desk 

Monica Cozzone - Assistant 

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