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Pre-audition readthrough for Pride & Prejudice morning-room comedy adaptation, I Have Five Daughters

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

We'll be having a pre-audition readthrough for our July 2022 play, I Have Five Daughters, by Margaret Macnamara, on Wednesday March 9th, at The Ram Inn, Wandsworth. The show is a morning-room comedy made from Jane Austen's beloved novel, Pride and Prejudice. Please join us at 7pm to collect a drink/dinner, and meet fellow readers. The readthrough will start at 7.30pm prompt in the upstairs bar. All are welcome! Please contact the director, Dom Kendrick, to register interest, and to ask any questions you may have. He'd be very happy to hear from you! Auditions for the show will take place at 2pm-4pm on Sunday April 3rd at St Anne's Church Hall, 182 St Anne's Hill, London SW18 2RS. The hall is adjacent to the church. The show will be performed at St. Anne's Church Hall at 7.30pm from Wednesday July 27th to Saturday July 30th.

We look forward to seeing you!

Image used under license from iStock by Getty Images. Image Credit: Venerala


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