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Written and Directed by:
Paul Johnson
Performed: Fri 18th - Sun 20th and Fri 25th - Sun 27th January 2008at St. Anne's Hall, Wandsworth
Cast   Crew  

Mrs Miller (the miller)
Milly Miller (the daughter)
Tommy Miller (the son)
Rumpelstiltskin (an elf)
Wisp (a boggart)
Flake (also a boggart)
The Witch of the Woods
King Pomegranate
Quince (Royal Page)
Crabapple (Manservant)
Apricot (Maid)
Captain Prune of the Militia

Keith Barnes
Susan Jakobsen
Peter Nower
Paul Johnson
Emma Stallard
Jenny Davies
Judith Butler
Richard Brent
Sian Ashworth
Mark Stannett
Niki Bencic
Ada Halley

Lighting operator......
Catering manager
Front of House Manager....................

Janet McLaughlan
Amanda Clarke

Orna Joseph


Mrs Miller, overworked and undermotivated proprietor of the Mill, and supplier of bread and cakes to the Royal Palace, is a desperate woman. Short of money, she plans to ask for a pay rise. But the Kingdom is penniless. Robbed by the evil Witch of the Woods and her cohorts, King Pomegranate faces ruin.
The Kingdom’s only product is straw. The stuff is everywhere, but is worthless. Mrs Miller, in a moment of madness, and prompted by the promise of a reward, claims that her daughter Milly can spin straw into gold. Unfortunately, Milly can’t. But a strange and sinister elf certainly can, and when he appears and turns the straw into gold, he wants just one thing in return – Milly’s first-born child. Milly has one chance to save her baby from the clutches of the elf. She has just twenty-four hours to guess the elf’s name. What could it possibly be?

See the cowardly Mrs Miller and her brave and true children take on the evil elf and the wicked Witch of the Woods in an all-new show with mostly old jokes!  See a King in turmoil!  See royal debauchery! Hear things that go 'parp' in the night! Be a part of 'Rumpelstiltskin', the new Pantomime for January 2008!!

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