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2003 Awards

Best Actor: Paul Johnson as "Juror No. 3" in Twelve Angry Men (July 2003)
Best Actress: Tracey Childs as "Mary" in The Memory of Water (July 2002)
Best Director: Claire Hudson and Chris Jackson for Twelfth Night (Oct 2001)
Most Memorable Character: Diane Lane as "Mrs. Vigo" in Robin Redbreast (Oct 1999)
Most Imaginative Set Design: Tracey Childs for Macbeth (July 1999)
Outstanding Achievement: Paul Johnson, as performer, designer, director and our longest standing member
Best Ad-Lib: David Russell in Cinderella (Jan 2003)
Most Embarrassing Moment: Claire Hudson as "Fairy Cake" in Mother Goose (Jan 1999)
The Brewers Inn's Best Friend: Orna Joseph
Most Disgusting Dressing Room Habit: Keith Barnes

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